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Academic Policies

Students must complete homework when assigned. Plagiarism, which is defined as using someone else’s work (i.e. text, images, ideas) as one’s own without proper acknowledgement (i.e. quotation marks, citation, bibliography) is always forbidden. Any work considered to be plagiarized will be confiscated and will result in a grade of zero.

Attendance Policy

School attendance is required by law and should be taken seriously. It is one of the major factors contributing to success at school.


  • If a student cannot attend school the parent/guardian should call the school on that day to confirm the absence.
  • If a phone call is not possible, the parent/guardian must send a written note with the student upon their return to confirm the absence.
  • All unauthorized absences will result in consequences.
  • Students who are absent have the responsibility to catch up on information and work missed.
    Chronic absences affect academic performance and a meeting with parents/guardians may be requested to resolve the problem.

Signing In & Out:

  • Students may only sign out from school during the day with the written permission of their parents/guardians or a telephone call.
  • When a student has parental permission to leave early they must present themselves at the Main Office and sign out.
  • If students return to school during the day they must present themselves to the Main Office and sign in.


  • Late arrival for any class is disruptive and will not be tolerated.
  • Chronic lateness will not be tolerated. Disciplinary measures will be applied to resolve the problem, including parent conferences, being sent home and suspensions.

Skipping Class:

  • Skipping classes is prohibited.
  • Students who skip persistently will be suspended.

Code of Conduct

Espanola High School adheres to the Rainbow District School Board Code of Conduct, and has provided the following additional guidelines to promote a high level of student success. The RDSB Code of Conduct may be viewed at the board website:
The goals of the Espanola High School Code of Conduct are:

  • To establish and maintain a positive school climate in which learning can take place
  • To help students develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in the school community
  • To protect the basic rights of all members of the school community
  • To ensure that all students receive a sound educational experience

An Espanola High School student is one who:

  • Is polite and respectful to everyone
  • Respects school property and the property of others
  • Follows the school dress code
  • Uses proper and respectful language
  • Avoids disrupting class in any way
  • Avoids physically or verbally aggressive behavior in person or online
  • Respects authority
  • Does his/her best work at all times
  • Completes homework assignments and projects on time
  • Is on time for classes
  • Is prepared for class with all his or her books and supplies
  • Uses technology in a positive and productive manner

To provide this safe and enjoyable school climate where learning can take place, rules and regulations for conduct are necessary.

  • Minor violations of this Code of Conduct will be handled by any member of staff and will use disciplinary measures for support and encouragement such as:
  • Verbal reminders of the appropriate way to behave
  • Practicing the correct behavior
  • Removal of privileges
  • A conference with the student
  • Contact with the student’s parent or guardian by phone
    A conference with the student’s parent or guardian in person

Major violations will result in a referral to the school administrator. Disciplinary measures will be applied according to the severity of the infraction. These may take a variety of forms:

  • A conference with the student
  • A phone call to the parents/guardians
  • A requested conference with the parents/guardians
  • Suspension

Dress Code

  • The Espanola High School dress code is based on modesty and policies of the Rainbow District School Board.
  • Students must dress appropriately for school. Short shorts or skirts, halter tops/tube tops/bikini tops/racerback tops/backless tops, visible underwear, low riding pants, excessive cleavage and attire exposing the midriff are all forbidden in school.
  • Offensive or inappropriate pictures or statements on clothing are unacceptable.
  • Students are not allowed to wear headgear of any kind e.g. hats, hoods, bandanas, etc.
  • Students must wear appropriate gym attire in physical education classes.
  • Decisions regarding the appropriateness of attire for school rests with the administration.

Rules of Behaviour

Respect for self:


  • Students must attend all their classes.
  • Students must be on time for school and class.

Respect for others:


  • Students must show respect for all members of the school community. They are expected to be cooperative and polite at all times.
  • Disruptive behaviour that impedes the learning of others will not be tolerated.
  • Offensive language will never be tolerated.
  • Physical aggression will not be tolerated e.g. fighting, play fighting, pushing, etc.
  • A student who refuses to identify themselves to an adult or who refuses to accompany a staff member to the office when asked to do so is exhibiting insubordination and may be suspended.
  • EHS students shall not harass other members of the school community. Harassment includes bullying, cyber-bullying, racial/ethnic harassment or discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, slander and sexual harassment or discrimination.
  • All accidents resulting in a personal injury or property damage must be reported to the Main Office immediately.
  • The safety and well-being of all students is a primary concern of all staff here at EHS. Reporting of all incidents including: medical, emotional or otherwise must be done in the Main Office as soon as possible.

Illegal Substances, Gambling and Other Prohibited Items:

  • Students are expected to come to school free from the influence of all mind altering substances (drugs or alcohol).
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia of any kind is not permitted.
  • In the case of students caught in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, police will be contacted.
  • Gambling of any kind is not allowed on school property.
  • Water guns, fire crackers, caps and other hazardous materials/equipment are not allowed on school property.


Bus students are expected to follow all board policy and bus rules, and to behave in a reasonable and responsible manner while on or waiting for the school bus.

The Code of Conduct extends to student behaviour on the bus.

Riding any school bus is a privilege. Students who are disrespectful to their bus drivers or engage in unacceptable behaviour on the bus, may have their bus privileges suspended.

Late bussing is available for students who wish to stay after school to participate in extracurricular school activities.

Skateboards, roller blades, shoes with wheelies are not to be used on school property inside or outside.

Students riding their bicycles to school must park and chain their bikes in the bike racks at the front of the school.

The parking lot area at the back of the school is for student and staff vehicles only. For the safety and security of all, excessive speed, careless operation of a vehicle and loitering are not permitted in this area.

Respect for School Environment

General Cleanliness:

Students are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the school environment. Littering will not be tolerated.

Students must keep all food in the cafeteria or the foods room. Eating/drinking in the halls is not allowed.

Students are expected to clean up after themselves in the cafeteria i.e. put all their waste in the appropriate garbage or blue bin.

All posters or bulletins must be approved by the Principal or Vice Principal.

Coats and jackets are not allowed while in class.

Vandalism, graffiti and the destruction or careless use of school property is prohibited. Students and their parents will be expected to make restitution for any damage the student may cause.


  • Pushing, shoving, running, shouting, swearing, or rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated in the hallways.
  • Students are expected to keep hallways clean i.e. put waste in the appropriate bins.
  • Excessive displays of affection will not be tolerated.


  • Lockers are on loan to students and must not be damaged in any way.
  • Students should not share their combination with anyone.
  • The administration has the authority to open and search contents of lockers if circumstances warrant such a procedure.
  • Students caught vandalizing their locker or any other locker, including graffiti, will be asked to make restitution for the damage.

Front Entrance:

The entrance to the school is a place where we create the first impression of EHS. Students are asked not to congregate in front of the sidewalk leading to the front doors or in the area between the main office and room A1 so that students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors to the school can make their way into the building with ease.


  • Homework must be completed when assigned.
  • Plagiarism is forbidden. Plagiarism is defined as using someone else’s work (i.e. text, images, ideas…) as one’s own without proper acknowledgement (i.e. quotation marks, citation, bibliography, etc…)
  • Any work considered to be plagiarized will be confiscated and will result in a grade of zero.
  • Students caught vandalizing their locker or any other locker, including graffiti, will be asked to make restitution for the damage.

Student Activity Fees

Student activity fees are used to assist with the costs associated with co-curricular activities such as motivational speakers, performers, field trips, athletics, school clubs and student council activities. All of these activities are designed to enhance and enrich the overall learning environment of the school.

Student fees are also used to provide students with an agenda, lock, and other school related items.

For more information or for a breakdown of Voluntary Student Activity Fees please see the school administrator.

Please contact Principal if financial assistance is required.


Electronic Devices:

MP3 players may be used in the halls at lunchtime and before and after school. Their use in the classroom is at each classroom teacher’s discretion. Students should only use one earbud when listening to these devices. Phones that play music are not classified as MP3 players.
Cell phones may not be used during class time. If a cell phone is brought to class it must remain powered off and out of sight at all times.

Technical devices such as camera phones, cameras, recording devices or computers may not be used to invade or threaten personal privacy or to disrupt the safe and secure culture for learning.


The use of the school’s computers and network is a privilege. Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly.
All students and their parents must read the “Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology” policy.
Cyber-bullying is the use of technology to threaten, ridicule, spread rumours or defame character and will not be tolerated.
The misuse of technology to invade or threaten personal privacy or to disrupt the school’s culture of learning will not be tolerated. Serious cases of cyber misconduct may warrant removal from the school community.

Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology:

The Rainbow District School Board provides information and communication technology services to schools and believes this technology will help propel our schools into the information age. Information and communication technology allows students and staff to access and use information sources from remote computers; to communicate and share information with individuals or groups of other students and staff; and to significantly expand their knowledge base.

The Board reserves the right to review any material on user accounts and to monitor fileserver space to make determinations on whether specific uses of the network are appropriate. In reviewing and monitoring user accounts and fileserver space, the Board shall respect the privacy of user accounts. Accounts shall be used only by the authorized owner of the account for authorized purposes as account owners are ultimately responsible for all activity under their account.

Although the Board takes every reasonable step to ensure proper use of its information and communication technologies, the final responsibility rests with the student and/or his/her parents or guardian. The school, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to immediately terminate the access of any user who misuses their information and communication technology privileges. Further disciplinary action may be deemed necessary.

RDSB schools have provided students with access to software packages and related technologies that will support their programs of study. Students are to respect computer areas in each school as a training environment. Adherence to this acceptable use policy will ensure for our students the best possible computer system performance in a safe learning environment. Students are encouraged to use computer technology in such a manner as to positively reflect on themselves, their school, their School Board and their community.

Security – Users are not to attempt to defeat security, including any kind of password protection.

Privacy – Users are not to delete, alter, reposition, or tamper with files belonging to anyone other than themselves.

Identity – Users are to use only their own computer identity and are not to login as anyone else or use anyone else’s account. Users are not permitted to let anyone else use their account or online identity.

Copyright – Users will respect software copyright restrictions and may not duplicate commercial software unless licensed to do so. Users may not place any copyrighted software on a computer without verified license or permission to do so.

System integrity – Users must respect the integrity of computer systems in RDSB schools. Students are not to alter the hardware or software components of any computer system. Students are not to jeopardize the integrity of the computer systems or networks by downloading files from the Internet or engaging in peer to peer or gaming activities.

Inappropriate content – Users may not post, access or attempt to access material that is inappropriate for a school environment, such as (but not limited to) offensive, sexually explicit, obscene, profane, inflammatory, or degrading materials. Students are not to misrepresent their identity or engage in activities that harass or bully other users.

Any violation of the policy will jeopardize access privileges and may warrant disciplinary action.


Video Surveillance:

Video security surveillance equipment is used at EHS and may be used on school busses for the following purpose:

  • To enhance the safety of students and staff
  • To protect property against theft and vandalism
  • To help identify intruders and persons breaking the law
  • Personal information is being collected under the authority of The Education Act and used in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (MFIPPA). For more information, please contact the Principal.

Spartan Non-Negotiables

Respect is the basis for all of the Spartan Non-Negotiables. The following list includes the non-negotiable expectations of our students.
ALL Spartans will:

  1.  Address staff members with Sir/Miss or using Mr./Ms. And last name, or another respectful greeting (not first names or nick names).
  2.  Respond appropriately and respectfully when greeted/directed by any staff member, providing their name if requested.
  3.  Speak respectfully to one another.
  4.  Treat visitors (including substitute teachers) as welcomed guests, including the way they are addressed (see 1 above).
  5.  Attend all school assemblies and conduct themselves in an appropriate/respectful manner.
  6. Remove hats and other head gear before entering the school.
  7. Ensure that cell phones, cameras, personal digital and other electronic devicesare deactivated in class.
  8. Use only one ear bud in the hallways and remove listening devices in classrooms and offices.
  9. Consume food and drink only in the cafeteria and foods room.
  10. Exhibit respect for school property and the property of other school members.
  11. Avoid loitering in front of the school.